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The Top Flooring Trends of 2023

Whether updating your home’s design or designing a new build, choosing a floor that fits your style and lasts the test of time is essential. The flooring choices in any room set the foundation of your design choices, setting the tone of the home, but should also be functional for your family.

Here are some of the biggest upcoming flooring trends this year, from vibrant carpet to textured tiles, waterproof vinyl, and so many more. Choosing a stylish foundation for your home will refresh and bring life to your design choices.

Vibrant Colored Choices

Quite in line with the paint color trends of 2023, colorful flooring choices are coming back for those brave enough to dive in. Full of personality but with a selective eye, it will bring a bright and botanical finish to your home. Choices in blues, greens, or golds done tastefully will bring a little whimsical boho touch to your home.

Using a carpet in these instances, from Carpet Outlets, will give you enough palette choice that finding a unique shade will be easy and comfortable to walk on. A few things to look for are naturally occurring bright colors reminiscent of water or something with a natural tone. This way, no matter your paint choice, your home will have beautiful, unique flooring and a way to make your home feel cozy in the uniqueness as well.

Elegant Hardwoods

Rich and elegant hardwood flooring has been making its way back for the last few years, as people have been renovating homes and discovering original homes’ hardwood floors like treasures from the dead sea. Now it’s time to treat those hardwoods to a sand and stain that will embellish every natural detail in the grain to let them shine.

Lighter woods such as birch and bamboo have been popular for the last few years, but that rich darker stain color is coming back. More decadent hardwood floors have been known to bring elegance to homes and warmth, especially when paired with an older historic home. You will notice how the character of the home stands out.

Natural Finishes

When looking at the flooring in your home, try imagining putting down natural floorings such as a beautiful stone, imperfect concrete, or a wood grain full of character. These choices allowing imperfections in the flooring to not only show but to shine sets any home up to make a statement. These nature-inspired design choices give homes a sense of heritage and authenticity that lets craftsmanship lead the way without making it seem disorganized.

Working with an experienced company to help you with your design wishes will keep this goal achievable. Keep our locations in mind, and we can help you bring this statement piece into your home. Paired with a carefully selected sustainable rug, it will also provide a well-designed home with a warm sense of plush comfort.

Patterns with Personality

One of the more dramatic design options for this year is patterned tile flooring that will push boundaries, bring some retro designs back in, and make a statement. When working with tile flooring designs, especially ones that can become eccentric or are full of pops of color, it is important to work with professionals to make the right material choices so that installation and maintenance are cost-effective and easy.

One of the easiest ways to do that is to use vinyl tiles. Vinyl tiles bring in more vibrant color palettes and more elaborate designs that can utilize more color choices. They are effortless to maintain or renovate to your style whims. For those brave enough to jump into bright tile flooring, we understand that it is ready to be a centerpiece in your design and to pair it with complimentary or neutral tones always to catch the eye.

One of the biggest flairs in this category is checkered tile flooring. Checkered tile flooring is returning in the tile designs, especially in the kitchen, mudrooms, and bathrooms of homes. It doesn’t need to be the traditional white and black checkered flooring that we all know, but it can bring a pattern into the home without an overly complicated design. Choosing the right color in this pattern is essential to the overall feel of your entire design, so choose wisely.

Timeless Patterns

As always, timeless patterns in home flooring are just that. Timeless. However, two specific patterns are starting to stand out and make the biggest impact: herringbone and parquet patterns. The biggest reason these are so trendy in the timeless category is that they bring an element of movement to any space, especially small spaces. When laid out correctly with your home’s traffic flow, these patterns can make any small space feel larger and help guide your guests in your home’s natural flow of movement.

Herringbone, in particular, is making such a comeback because the design can be done with hardwood, vinyl, carpet, and a few other flooring options, so it’s easily attainable in any design. It’s a tricky design to work into functionality, but paired with complimentary paint choices and even cabinet design, it brings a timeless style into the light.

Bringing Flooring To Life

Working with an established and professional company will open many doors to the design process when looking into these renovations and builds. Which we all know is where all the fun is at. The Dallas carpet store brings not only carpets to your home but can open up possibilities for these upcoming and trendy flooring choices that don’t seem possible.

It can seem daunting to make a choice such as gold carpeting or even tile flooring that has multiple colors in it, but when you work with a design team that can help you see that design, you will find that it’s worth the leap of faith to bring that vibrant flooring to life.

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