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Is Carpet Making a Comeback?

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

After years of decline in carpet sales and installations, suddenly demand appears to be rising while prices are stable or even falling. Has something happened to bring the demand for carpeting back to life?

Here are some of the trends currently making waves in the residential markets.

Neutral And Natural Tones

Carpet and flooring manufacturers are responding to consumer demand for more neutral tones and natural-looking hues.

The latest trend: minimalist interiors with minimalistic color schemes that let the textures, patterns, and decorative elements shine through without dominating them.

Eco-Friendly Carpeting

Carpet manufacturers are responding to consumer demand for carpeting made from more sustainable materials, such as recycled nylon and natural fibers.

Since these carpet types re-use materials, consumers minimize their environmental footprint, giving them the opportunity for a second chance at life.

Luxury Carpeting

Carpet sales also show a surge in the higher-priced market, where consumers want the best quality carpets they can get. They’re willing to pay for it!

They choose luxury carpeting with high twist yarns, more colors, styles, or add-ons like fire retardancy and stain resistance. Carpet manufacturers could be learning a thing or two from the automobile market, where consumers have no problem paying extra for added comfort and quality.

Vibrant Colored Carpeting

And finally, we have the development of vibrant colored carpeting. Neutral tones like beige, light browns, and soft greens are dominating the market. However, manufacturers are now offering carpets in bolder colors to appeal to more buyers.

Installs On The Rise

Carpeting sales are showing an increase in installations as well. Even though pull rates, or the number of carpeting units getting removed, were higher than in previous years, install rates appear to be on the rise. A steady supply of new construction projects combined with older carpets wearing out and needing replacement could be fueling this growth.

Can We Blame The Millennials?

Millennials are now moving into their own homes, bringing with them a desire for stylish surroundings that complement their more modern lifestyles.

The appeal is no longer limited to brown or grey but includes colors such as the traditional warm honey and vibrant sky blue. So it’s not just about a welcome mat anymore. It’s also about a welcome floor!

Create A Cozy Environment

It’s not just about looks or durability. Homeowners want to create a comfortable and cozy living environment with home furnishings that meet their high standards, both for themselves, family members, and roommates. Some other ways to do this, in addition to comfortable flooring, is with your outdoor living spaces, media rooms, and sun protected window film.

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