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Is Carpet Flooring Expensive?

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Launching an improvement project at your home can be a lot of fun and uplift your living space. And when considering what type of project can be most impactful, new flooring is always worth considering.

Think about it. The floors in your home (especially in common living areas like family rooms and bedrooms) can make all of the difference in creating a comfortable, cozy environment.

Is Carpet Flooring Expensive?

For homeowners working with a budget, however, the expenses of new flooring can be limiting. However, it’s always best to look beyond initial costs when thinking about the actual costs of new flooring. Several variables can make a flooring solution much more expensive, depending upon your choices.

Types of Carpeting

There’s no denying that carpet flooring is one of the most popular types of flooring in homes today and yes, carpet is making a comeback. Carpet has many advantages; it provides comfort, warmth, and insulation for your feet while adding beauty, style, and color to your home.

However, not all carpet flooring is created equal. Understanding the different types of carpets can help you determine which type might be best for your home.

Low-Pile Carpeting – Low-pile carpets tend to be less expensive than higher pile varieties like shag or Berber carpeting. Low piled carpet is also more likely to mat down over time, requiring more frequent replacement.

If you’re carpeting an area with high levels of foot traffic, choosing carpets capable of withstanding heavy use, more robust and thicker pile carpets (like Berber and shag) can be a better choice.

Stain/Odor Resistant Carpeting – Carpet manufacturers also offer a variety of carpeting designed to resist staining and odors, making it an excellent choice for families with kids or pets. Cleanup is far easier with this protective feature.

However, because these varieties of carpeting can add to the price of your flooring solution, it’s essential to decide whether these features make sense for your lifestyle and needs.

Carpet Padding – Carpet padding is another product variable that can impact the actual cost of carpet flooring. Choosing high-quality padding can increase your satisfaction with your new carpet by increasing comfort and insulation. Additionally, it helps to absorb noise, so it’s a quieter floor. However, keep in mind that buying a thicker pad will also add to the overall installation price.

Carpet padding is available in thicknesses ranging from half an inch to over two inches. So, you can decide how far you want to “sink in” to your new carpeting.

Have Questions About Carpeting?

The experts at Carpet Outlets of Texas are always available to help you with your home flooring project. Whether you need a new carpet, carpet pad, or any other carpeting product, we can answer any questions you have and ensure that you get the flooring solution that best meets your needs and budget.

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