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How To Choose The Best Flooring for a Rental Property

Choosing flooring for your rental property differs from choosing flooring for your home. That doesn’t mean you want to sacrifice style or comfort because you still want renters to be attracted to your rental property. Finding a good flooring choice for your rental property is determined by balancing durability and cost vs. comfort and style.

You should be able to find low-cost flooring that is durable for your local weather and high traffic. Otherwise, the cost to install or maintain will not be worth it. At the same time, it should be comfortable for your renters and fit the aesthetic of your rental property. Whether it’s a long-term rental or even a vacation rental, the flooring will have high traffic and a lot of wear. It should be stain resistant, waterproof, and easily cleaned as needed, not only for you but also for your renters.

Location Matters

Having a vacation rental in a prime location is exciting, but you should expect high traffic and factor in the location before choosing the floor and considering the common debris and cleaning challenges the property will have from daily fun activities. Is it a beach-side cottage? That means you will have a lot of sand, water, and sun on your floors.

What about a mountain cabin? Your rental property will face a lot of water, snow, and salt in the high-traffic areas of the flooring. Starting at the entrance of your home, you can make a few small additions to help keep the rest of the rental flooring clean. At beach homes, you could install an outdoor shower or even foot bath to help rinse off the sand before coming in.

Always try to have a mudroom in the entryway with rugs and shoe racks available to help keep the rest of the flooring clean. After those small steps, you should consider what will bring the most comfort while providing the best durability. In a mountain cabin, you want a comfortable carpet to provide a cozy atmosphere after chilly days, but in a beach cottage, tile or laminate are better choices for the heat and how easy they are to clean.

Carpet Concerns

Having carpet in your rental can cause a lot of worry for rental property owners. The carpet is tricky to clean, holds odors, and is difficult to replace or repair without sacrificing cost or style. However, carpet is rather inexpensive to install, comes in various styles, and provides a level of comfortable, cozy aesthetic to your rental that it is tempting to install into your rental property. As a rental property owner, you can easily find a carpet that fits your needs, aesthetics, and budgets.

Working with a professional company to choose the right carpet for your rental will make a difference in your flooring decisions. A professional company will help you determine the right type of material that will be best for your rental, give you an estimate with a carpet cost calculator, and install the carpet for you. Carpet in Dallas, TX must withstand high traffic and all sorts of weather while maintaining style and comfort.

You can look through showrooms and samples to help choose your favorite in style and comfort for your renters. Carpet is usually expected in bedrooms or cold-weather rentals because of the cozy feel it gives to the renters in the home. Carpet is commonly used in rental properties for good reasons, but it doesn’t come without its fair share of concerns.

Classic Hardwoods

There is no denying that hardwood flooring is luxe, makes a statement in any room, and can also be expensive. As rental property owners, hardwood floors appeal to them because of their aesthetic and because they are easily restored, increase property value, and can be made fairly weatherproof with varnish.

Working with professional flooring companies who use a hardwood flooring calculator will help you find a hardwood that fits your budget, from exotic tropical hardwoods to rustic classics. You will be able to find hardwood flooring in Dallas, TX, that fits your rental property aesthetic, and your renters will enjoy it as well.

Vinyl and Laminate Alternative

If you like the look of luxury hardwoods or expensive decorative tile options but want a more budget-friendly choice for your rental, you can look into laminate flooring or vinyl tile. The benefit of laminate flooring is that it’s extremely cost-effective to install, and even when certain planks or pieces get damaged, you can replace those specific pieces and be done. Plus, laminate can be installed on top of existing flooring so that any renovation or upgrade is less inexpensive from the very beginning of the project.

While vinyl and laminate mimic the look of natural materials at a fraction of the cost, they can provide some of the best positives to rental properties. These flooring choices are easily cleaned and maintained, especially in high-traffic areas like living rooms. Vinyl tiles are a little harder to repair or replace because the adhesive can be difficult to remove. Still, they are great, long-lasting options that maximize the durability that rental property flooring needs.

Using such versatile flooring options can seem like there are no downfalls, but when looking into this flooring, make sure you use a reputable company to purchase your flooring from. There have been some concerns about the safety of the materials used to make these flooring options. Using a professional and reviewing the EPA answers regarding laminate flooring will save you from any unsafe materials entering your rental property.

Flooring in Dallas, Texas

Choosing flooring for your rental property that you want, at the cost that you want to pay, can be done with Carpet Outlets in Dallas, Texas. A professional carpet outlet that can provide you with comprehensive flooring options, including hardwoods, vinyl, tile, and others. They will be able to manage your budget, including installations and repairs, and help guide you in any maintenance the flooring may need.

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