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Five Ways To Tell If Your Carpets Need to be Replaced

When you or others walk into your home, what is one of the first things anyone notices? It could be the lighting or even a grand staircase, but none of that will make such a lasting impact the way that a perfectly curated flooring would.

The floors in your home, whether hardwood flooring, carpet, or even tile flooring, should reflect the atmosphere of your home and your sense of style and even help with the functionality of your home. They should be easy to maintain in your lifestyle and provide comfort in your home.

Having carpet in your home can sometimes seem like a lot of work, but who doesn’t love stepping onto the plush carpet after a long day or even sitting down to play with a little one or a puppy? It is suggested that carpet only lasts for about ten to fifteen years before it should be replaced, but if you maintain its care, especially in cleaning, you can keep the carpet plush and vibrant longer.

Carpet Cleaning

Knowing how to clean a carpet properly is essential to maintaining the life of your home’s carpet. Routinely cleaning, either area rugs or carpets, includes vacuuming weekly or more frequently if you have kids or pets.

That routine carpet cleaning mostly removes dirt and dust from the carpet, so ensure that the vacuum is set to the correct height, going over high-traffic areas multiple times and slowly. A very successful technique is once a month to use a healthy sprinkling of baking soda on the carpet and vacuum it after about an hour or so.

This method helps absorb oils and grease and to break down odors so you can clean them away. While keeping up with this maintenance, there comes a time when you need to know when to replace your carpets, and these are the telltale signs to do so.

Lingering Odors

After a few years of proper maintenance on your rugs, if there still seems to be an odor lingering in your carpeted home that candles, room sprays, or even baking sodas cannot remove, it could be time to look into some quotes for replacing your carpets.

If your carpets or even the padding beneath them needs replacing, you could get a professional recommendation from the flooring store in Red Oak. They could tell you if the carpet needs replacing due to age or even pets.

Still, they can also point you in the direction of a professional mold remediation specialist if you have a mold or water problem.

Carpet Damage

For damaged carpet, it is best to get a professional to look at it to determine if it is major or minor damage. Some significant damages could lead them to an issue beyond your carpet that you may not be able to identify.

But if the problem is just a stubborn stain, fraying, or even a burn mark, they can also help you replace that piece of carpet. Carpet patching works ideally when the carpet is just a newer version of the frayed, worn, or stained piece.

This is easily achieved by purchasing your carpet from an established carpet outlet that would keep the carpet in stock, help you assess the damage and even help repair or replace the damaged pieces. Some of the most significant carpet damages and replacement jobs actually come from flooded homes.

Unfortunately flooded homes happen, but if the home was flooded with clean water for less than 24-48, there is a slight possibility that the carpet can be recovered. However, suppose the carpet and flooring beneath were soaked for an extended time or flooded with dirty water.

In that case, it is recommended to remove the carpet and have the sub-flooring inspected for mold or harmful mold growth. Having a professional eye in these instances to inspect the carpet and home provides peace of mind and great service in distressing situations like this.


Have you ever sat on your carpet one day and just sort of, Itched? Or noticed a rash starting to develop when you sit for too long on the fibers? Removing pollen, pet dander, or dust that has built up over time can be very difficult.

Noticing this change in your allergy symptoms could be more than seasonal; it could be the carpet in your home. If these persist, even while using a high-powered vacuum and recommended cleaning techniques, it could be time to move to hardwood or even tile flooring.

Choosing a hardwood floor for your home could bring character and warmth to it, especially if you live in an older or historic home and want to bring some of its original characteristics back to life.

A personal favorite of ours is mosaic tile flooring. This unique and stylish tile is returning to fashion and can bring flair to your home. Both are

wonderful options for assisting anyone struggling with allergies in the home due to the carpets.

The Circle Of Life

After all the cleaning, assessment, and patching are done, it is time to replace the entire carpet. Such is the circle of life. The colors of your carpet fade beyond what a clean can bring back to vibrancy, matting in the fibers, or even just a hardness beneath the

floors that feel like there is no padding left beneath the carpet, it is time.

Bringing in a professional to help you design your floors, whether you want to update your existing carpets by changing the color or style, or changing completely to hardwood or tile flooring, will make the project a breeze.

You can work with someone who will respect your design choices, and personal style, to bring your home the atmosphere you are looking for. Work with the best professionals in your area to achieve this breath of fresh air into your home.

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