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Is It Less Expensive To Carpet or Laminate The Floor?

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

When it comes to flooring, Texas homeowners have many different options from which to choose. Among the two most popular choices are carpet and laminate flooring. Of course, both have pros and cons, but which one is the cheaper option for homeowners in Texas?

Carpet Vs. Laminate Flooring Costs

Carpeting is a popular choice for flooring in Texas homes, with roughly one-third of all floors finished in this way.

Laminated flooring, also known as hardwood or engineered wood, has been increasing in popularity due to its durability and low maintenance needs. Laminate flooring is non-porous and can be easily cleaned with a broom, a damp cloth, and an electric mop whenever needed.

Regular vacuuming removes surface dirt, bacteria, allergens, and debris to keep carpeting looking its best. Without regular vacuuming, carpeting can become discolored or matted.

Ideally, carpeting needs to be professionally cleaned every six months to two years, depending on the amount of traffic the floor experiences.

Carpeting per square foot can range from $2 to $10, but the average price is around $5. Laminate flooring costs anywhere from $3 to $12 per square foot, but the average price is around $7.

This flooring option comes in multiple colors, styles, and textures to match any home décor. In addition, carpet padding provides even more comfort. If you’re wondering is carpet warmer than laminate, this is one of the advantages of carpeting.

When it comes to the cost of these two types of flooring, laminate flooring is more expensive than carpeting. For example, the average cost of installing laminate flooring in a 500-square-foot home is around $2,000, while the average cost of installing carpeting is about $1,500.

However, other variables such as the padding depth, the size of the home, and the type of laminate flooring can alter this price. In addition, some carpets are more expensive than others, with Berbers typically costing more than plush carpets. Although, no matter which type you choose, both require installation.

Carpeting Vs. Laminated

However, while laminate flooring can be more expensive to install, it is a cheaper option in the long run. It’s durable, attractive, and is an affordable way to give your home a new look. People can also install laminate flooring over most existing floors, making the process less invasive and faster.

Carpet installation is a timely process that can take up to a day, while laminate floor installation usually takes a few hours.

In the end, it’s essential to consider all of the factors involved in making your flooring decision. Carpeting and laminate flooring from Carpet Outlets Of Texas are both excellent choices for Texas homeowners. And, if you have concerns or questions, our friendly and helpful technicians are happy to help.

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