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Gulistan Carpet and Flooring

Gulistan CarpetGulistan® has a time-honored name and a rich history of over 85 years of service as a premium manufacturer of fine "medium to high-end" carpets.

Carpet brings warmth, beauty and pride to homes and businesses; and we have a reputation for creating the most beautifully finished carpets in the flooring industry. We care about quality and tradition.

We use top-quality materials and craftsmanship to produce products that please aesthetically and provide years of enjoyment. Under the Gulistan® brand, we use premium Stainmaster® type 6,6 nylon* and our backing system, Durabak, which boasts a premium-performance rating.

Gulistan Carpet began manufacturing under the Gulistan name in 1924, but the company's roots go back to an Armenian textile importer who founded a business in Turkey in 1818. His only children, Arshag and Miran Karagheusian, inherited their father's business. The brothers moved to London in 1896 and stated an import-export business but soon relocated to the United States.

Their first Oriental, or "Persian", rug shipment arrived in the U.S. from Turkey in 1899, and New Yorkers flocked to the Karagheusian company showroom, decorated by Tiffany Studios.

The brothers bought a factory in Freehold, New Jersey in 1904 and traveled to Kidderminster, England, the capital of British carpet manufacturing, to bring sixty Brussels and Wilton power looms -- plus the weavers to run them -- to Freehold (the factory operated from 1905-1961).

The company introduced the "Gulistan DeLuxe" rug collection in 1924. "Gulistan" (the title of a thirteenth century Persian poem) means "garden of roses" in Persian. During World War II, Gulistan produced duck cloth for the war effort instead of carpet. In 1946, the company published the Gulistan News Bulletin for its customers. The Gulistan brand surpassed the company name (Karagheusian) and was applied to all products.

Gulistan purchased its Aberdeen, N.C. plant in 1957. In 1964, J.P. Stevens & Company purchased A&M Karagheusian and the Gulistan name. In 1988, JPS Textile Group, Inc. purchased the firm, and the division became JPS Carpet Corp. In 1995, in-house mill executives bought the company and renamed it "Gulistan Carpet, Inc."

On August 28, 2003, Hampton Capital Partners, LLC, purchased the company, renaming it "Gulistan Carpet." Hampton's investors include Ronile, inc., a Rocky Mount, Virginia-based supplier of dyed yarns to the floor covering industry and the owner of Bacova Guild, Ltd., a leading supplier of rugs, mats and bath products.

In 2005, Gulistan introduced the Bella Vista Collection of high-end styles including six exquisite patterns, a saxony and a texture - all with the same striking 60-color palette.

In 2006, Gulistan introduced The Ultimate Luxury Collection of high-end styles including three exquisite patterns, a saxony and a texture - all with the same striking color palette.

Also in 2006, Gulistan introduced the "American Lifestyles by Gulistan" brand. The American Lifestyles brand further enhanced Gulistan's market standing by offering styles in popular, value price ranges and good-better-best offerings giving consumers a variety of trade-up/down options.

During 2007 and 2008, Gulistan expanded its collection of Stainmaster® brand offerings with new popular patterns, textures, cut-and-loops, sisals, and frieze-shags, under both the Gulistan and American Lifestyles brands.

Gulistan mid-2009 has recharged the texture market with three new textures (best-selling staple products converted to filament) re-colored in the latest designer colors, with enhanced performance, and best-of-all, lower pricing.

Looking to 2010, Gulistan will expand its American Lifestyle brand with a comprehensive collection of styles all produced with Stainmaster® fiber, the one true fiber brand in the flooring market that delivers on it's brand promise.

With the addition of this new Stainmaster® American Lifestyle Collection, consumers will be able to select from a complete range of Stainmaster® Styles from the Gulistan and American Lifestyle brands that will satisfy their aesthetic requirements without compromising their performance expectations.